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Gareth Waugh – Doozy 4.5**** - One4Review

Gareth Waugh – Doozy 4.5****

| On 22, Aug 2022

Gareth Waugh was back where I first saw him as a fresh-faced youngster about ten years ago, on stage at the Stand Comedy Club. Even then his potential was obvious, and this has been realised over the past decade.
Gareth has always come across as a great guy as well as a funny one, and his well-crafted material was delivered as he does best as a nice, easy going comic with broad appeal. A poll of the audiences age demographic showed the youngest member was 18, the oldest 72 and he appeals to all in between.
He talks about him not wanting to grow up, lockdown and the effect on him personally and professionally, the dog, with its own Insta account which augmented the family, his mid-life crisis purchase, kinda young for that surely, temporary job in a supermarket and family relationships are stopping off points, together with a segment on presents given and received. One particular story about a massage he was gifted had everyone in absolute hoots
The show was pretty full on the day I went, it seems that a few of his family and friends had come along, together with the everyday Fringe goers, and I feel their presence inhibited him some. But being the pro, he is Waugh turned in a totally enjoyable hour, as always laugh out loud moments prevail, stories where he is often the self-deprecating victim were well developed and of course the use of call backs added to the enjoyment. Gareth has always been a safe pair of hands when it comes to performing and he still is, but, as much as he may not like it, I feel he has matured also, and this is adding to his natural talent.
4.5 ****
Reviewed by Geoff
Stand Comedy One
17.00 to 18.00
Until 28th

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