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Richard Herring - RHLSTP 3*** - One4Review

Richard Herring – RHLSTP 3***

| On 13, Aug 2019

If you are an ardent fan of Richard Herring, and his podcasts then, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the creation process live in the splendid auditorium that is the Grand Hall, George street.
Previous non Fringe podcast guests over the years have included such legends as: Stephen Fry, Greg Davies, Dawn French, David Mitchell, Bob Mortimer to name drop just a few.
This is the problem for me, this format is just random, It’s just pot luck who you get on the day. If you book well in advance there is a big chance you might be disappointed by the guests or the topics discussed. We are promised big names and new up and coming acts from the Fringe.
Another problem is that if you are looking for a Richard Herring stand-up comedy routine, there is precious little to be had here. Although the introduction is humorous and topical, we only briefly step out of the broadcast when Richard asks his guests some of his legendary “emergency questions”

Today’s guests were Steph Tisdell (See Steph in Aboriginal All Stars) and Jen Brister- (in Under privilege).
– Steph informs the audience how she sees comedy as a great way to deal with and educate about the horrors of genocide. She addresses the concept of Australia’s white guilt.
Jen Brister chats with Richard about her new book “The Other Mother” which is about two women having a baby together and the associated difficulties and joys.
I would recommend that you research the days guests before buying your tickets if possible.
Reviewed by Robert
Stand New Town Theatre Grand Hall
13:30 (1hr)
Until 25th (not 19th)

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