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Giant Leap: Comedians' Theatre Company 4**** - One4Review

Giant Leap: Comedians’ Theatre Company 4****

| On 28, Aug 2015

It’s 1969. Nixon needs publicity to detract from Vietnam. What better way than to fulfil JFK’s promise to put a man on the moon, one way or another. In a bunker somewhere in the USA a group of individuals are gathered to achieve this, or at least seem to, at a secret film studio. Anything to beat them pesky Ruskies.

Under the command of extrovert producer Jay Weinberg (Phil Nichol,) failing comic Mitch Giten, (Lewis Schaffer), drunk novelist Frank Paar (Tom Stade), screen writer Peter (Jeremy Lloyd) and secretary Miss Jones (Priscilla Adade-Helledy) together with the military liaison Graham Elwell, strive to come up with the killer line for those first steps.

This play by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay is nicely written giving ample chances for Nichol, Stade and Schaffer in particular to shine in roles that are really exaggerations of ‘themselves’. The direction of Alexander Lass is neat and tight, the setting of an actual bunker totally plausible, all in all a well-rounded production.

Whether you believe in the conspiracy theory or not this is a play not to be missed and to see who came up with the immortal line get there quick.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Bunker One

Until 30st August

13.50 to 15.05

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