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Rent  - One4Review

Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group (EUSOG) have had more than their fair share of difficulties with their production of ‘Rent’, leading man struck down with a throat infection. Drummer diagnosed with flu. The story continued yet the show went on every night. I managed to get in to a packed house on Sunday 23rd August and had a great time.  I love Rent and had recently seen an amazing semi-professional production in Dundee, so USOG had some work to do to come up to scratch. I was aware of the restricted space in which they were to perform add this to the fact they were having to rely on vocal projection rather than microphones and I knew they would have to go some to deliver a great production and this is what they did. The whole cast from the leading males down to the Ensemble worked their collective socks off. They utilised the cramped stage to their advantage. Almost every character fitted my imagination to a tee. And the singing voices well it was a pleasure to be part of the ‘Rent’ experience. If you haven’t experienced ‘Rent’ yet get a ticket if you can before they are completely sold out! Its only here! Its only now! No day like today! *****  

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