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Bec Hill Archives - One4Review

Bec Hill:-I’ll be Bec 4.5****

August 20, 2019 |

For more than a few years now all smiling Aussie comic Bec Hill has been entertaining the Fringe world and beyond with the inventive style of comedy always creative and inclusive in her offerings. This is a show that is … Read More

Bec Hill Out of Order 4****

August 12, 2017 |

Bec Hill has been doing shows at the Fringe for years now and is highly regarded both in the industry and with the public at large. But she says she is usually a scripted comic, not this year she aint. … Read More

Bec Hill Caught on Tape 4 ****

August 9, 2015 | 1


One of the hardest working comics at the fringe must be Bec Hill. She has her own show, a kid’s show and also working a late night cabaret show as well. It is a wonder she survives each Edinburgh.

Read More

Bec Hill in… Ellipsis 5*****

August 12, 2014 | 1

There are numerous way for an artiste to greet their audience but this was a different one. The ultra-energetic Aussie comic is literally dancing on the rows of seats gradually moving back as the room fills. I was a little … Read More

Bec Hill :- Bec By Popular Demand 3 Stars ***

August 2, 2013 |


Comedy is the medium that has so many facets and styles  that it must be difficult to know how to be different given that there are so many comics out there.

However Bec Hill certainly has carved herself a niche … Read More