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Fierce: An Urban Myth - One4Review

This new up to date musical follows the life of Finlay, a fourteen years old with a disability which makes him need tablets to feel good.  Some label him a spastic, others see him as a dreamer as for himself, he wants to paint a comic book life and step into a world of colour. Finlay (Mark Arends) is tormented by Chav Barry (Garry Collins) and Choonz ( Steven  Cree), who together rule the streets or think they do! Fin is rescued by Wee Babz, who discovers his talent for drawing and asks him if he thought about tagging.  Babs tells his gang Pokey (Ross Allan) and Geri (Catherine Whitefeld) together they befriend Fin and start bombing the city with Tags. Fin and his new crew have the dream of Tagging a train to set the Tag’s free, this is apparently the most fabulous thing for a crew to do. Meanwhile Fin falls in love with co-worker Annie (Cora Bssett) and causes nothing but gref for his poor suffering mum Edie (Helen McAlpine). Intermixed with raps, hp-hop and more traditional musical numbers. I occasionally found it difficult to hear the words of the rap and hip-hop, whether this was a problem with acoustics not I’m not sure.  Otherwise it is a fantastic show and merits several visits, if just to see and hear the scene in the checkout. ****

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