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Absolution - One4Review

In this day and age of political correctness and the uproar surrounding the Catholic Church and alleged child abuse I suppose it is not surprising that we have a play on the Fringe round this topic. Priests are dying in very nasty ways or are just plainly disappearing. "Peter knows why and wants to tell all". Is he a madman or does he really know something? This is a very dark almost dismal production with pockets of humour, some of which seem almost forbidden or wrong. The basic room we are looking at could be in any institution or even a prison it is so bare and stern. The single occupant of the room awakens from sleep slowly gets dressed then describes the deaths of several Priests in graphic and physical details. With one final revelation that is as startling as it is unexpected. I know Owen O’Neill is a comedian but I have only seen his stand-up once. He is also a multi award-winning writer and actor he has both written and performs ‘Absolution’ which displays all his talents to their utmost. Cleverly directed by Rachel O’Riordan, whom I expect had her work cut out, having to direct Owen from whose imagination the whole thing came. It is also part of this years TTI & Guy Masterson Productions. Praise where praise is due I would never have thought of this material as producing a fascinating, thought provoking yet funny show but it has. Owen puts 200% into the performance and must be exhausted after every show. I certainly recommend it as one to see along with ‘Reasonable Doubt’, ‘Weights’ and ‘Vincent’. I have also heard great things about ‘Scaramouche Jones’. *****

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