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Disco King - One4Review

Exploring today’s drug-fuelled club culture ‘Disco King’ eavesdrops on a variety of characters with different needs and expectations. Shola Adequsi, Lara Agar-Stoby, Chris Fitchew, Penny Lisle, Gary Skelton, Kyle Cusham, Anthony Topham, Francesca Anderson and Maurizio Molino show us a variety of characters each going through their own personal hell. Whether these hell’s, are of their own making, or the result of today’s society isn’t made clear. What we see are some of the highs and lows in each life. The addictions range from the taking of drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, designer clothing and the need for companionship or solitude. Set in a nightclub with an underlying soundtrack of dance, hip-hop, garage and club music, this darkly poignant revelation of life is an intriguing contrast to many of the lighter shows available.  The poetic high energy of the performances contrast with the lifestyles portrayed making this a fascinating concentrated view of life in the early 21st century. ***

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