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Theatre 2004 Archives - Page 3 of 8 - One4Review

No Exit

August 8, 2004 |

Act Provocateur International are staging a specially adapted one hour version of Jean-Paul Sartre’s three hour original of No Exit. What has been achieved is a play with such intensity that it really gives the feel of being trapped … Read More

The Dumb Waiter  [ Steen & Smart]

August 8, 2004 |

Andy Smart and Steve Steen are probably both better known for their great comedy prowess. Andy however was one of the cast of the phenomenal  ’12 Angry Men’ at the Assembly rooms last year where he proved beyond doubt … Read More

The Secret Art of Auditions

August 8, 2004 |

In truth this play is really three playlets dealing with auditions in one way and another. Scene 1 sees C grade actor Mark Sansone, Danny Swanson auditioning for a role in a production and gradually turning the tables on … Read More

An Invitation to a Whitechapel Séance

August 8, 2004 |

The small Mandrake Music Hall in London’s Whitechapel has been coveted by a large company, to be torn down and used as a warehouse. The theatre manager Julius is doing all he can to secure the sale. He does … Read More

Tapped  &  As If A Rag

August 8, 2004 |

The National Student Theatre Company are one of the mainstays of the Fringe and I have enjoyed most of their performances over the years I have been attending the Fringe, both as a punter and latterly as a reviewer. … Read More

All’s Well that Ends Well

August 8, 2004 |

This Shakespeare production is not one that I know very well, it apparently has the reputation of being a ‘problem play’.  We are accustomed to Shakespearian productions being updated and this version of ‘Alls well that ends well’ is … Read More

Once A Catholic  (Harland)

August 8, 2004 |

One thing that is as certain as the dodgy Edinburgh weather during the Fringe is that Harland Hamstrings will perform a number of high class shows all with the Alan Hunter tweak. One of the shows on offer this … Read More

The Wau Wau Sisters

August 8, 2004 |

The Wau Wau Sisters, pronounced Vow Vow, come from New York and bring with them an act of such energy and enthusiasm it is exhausting to just to be a member of the audience. The ladies sing, dance, use … Read More

Durang Durang

August 8, 2004 |

A production that gives you eleven short plays, running in repertory with six on each night. I went on an even date and saw the selection; Mrs Sorken, Nina in the morning, Canker Sores and Other Distractions, 1-900-Desperate, One … Read More