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Hils Barker:  Exhibitionist!  - One4Review

I don’t know whether Hils Barker is a comedian or a comedy actor. Certainly she started making a name for herself a number of years ago as a stand-up but recent times has seen her move towards writing and performing comedy sketches and the essence of her show this year is a series of linked character pieces that are joined together with video streams. The show is about a number of characters who are all members of the somewhat sinister on-line profiling / chat site Profile Me! And the characters give Ms Barker ample scope to showcase her undoubted writing and acting skills. Man eater Katherine Leigh a womwn who bases her persona on 50’s film stars is found cheek by jowel with Cecelia Ophelia, a self harming angst ridden teenager from Wales, George Bannister a retired civil servant, repressed gay, bigoted and irate and sad librarian Joanna Cook who is probably the ultimate geek. With style and wit Hils brings these characters to life and although it was a preview I saw and there was the occasional blip, I am convinced this will be a must see show if you are a networking buff.. A word to the wise, the new space that is the Turret the entrance to the venue actually crosses the stage so do’t even think of being late!! ****

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