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Matt Kirshen Shorter than Napoleon - One4Review

Matt Kirshen’s show is not just about height, he assures us.  In fact, it seems to be very little about height and more to do with just about anything else – childhood, the BNP, the G20 riots and a night in Bordeaux that went a little awry.  There’s very little to do with Napoleon at all, rather Kirshen is keen to prove that the idea that short people are overconfident is a myth.  Something which he does using examples from his own life. There’s no denying that this is a pleasant little show, but the laughs are giggles and chuckles rather than the belly laughs I was seeking.  Kirshen is certainly an able performer and seems to run on a nervous energy that makes him quite likeable.  However, he seems to stumble on occasion and fluffs a couple of lines which see him lose pace. The show is not without its peaks, and there’s definitely enough here to keep you entertained for an hour.  Nevertheless Kirshen proves his point about his own under-confidence, and it is this which seems to hold the show back.  Still, it’s still early doors and I hope he can push the show to the heights it could reach. ***
Two reviews one performer our second review is from Sarah-Jane Williamson
Matt Kirshen – Shorter Than Napoleon (4 Stars) Sarah-Jane Williamson First of all, let’s get one thing straight. For his time, Napoleon wasn’t really that short, about 5 foot 6 or 7, according to Matt Kirshen. Which means that actually, Matt isn’t that short either. Which  then makes for an interesting premise for a show. Matt is a likeable comedian, who had an easy rapport with the audience, although he did seem a little nervous in this, one of his first shows of this year’s Fringe. He needn’t have worried. Despite a stiflingly hot room (a common theme in all Fringe venues it seems) Matt’s storytelling style provided plenty of laughs for the sell out crowd. Covering topics from getting into mischief as a child and blaming his sister and rap battles (which provided some catchy exit music for the show), to a teenage backpacking trip to France involving priests, drug dealers, guns and toilets, I’ll be interested to see how this young comedian develops in the coming years. And we got badges. Which is always a bonus. ****  

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