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The School for Scandal - One4Review

5 stars

Perhaps this should be re-titled ‘A Degree in Upstaging Comedians!’ for comedians by comedians. As at times the script, written by RB Sheridan in the 18th Century, is secondary to getting one’s colleagues to corpse on stage. Not really surprising as the cast is made up of Stephen K Amos, Miss Behave, Lionel Blair, Marcus Brigstocke, Bridget Christie, Paul Foot, Steve Jameson, Ella Kenion, Phil Nichol, Huw Thomas, Clare Thomson and Richard Thomson. This is virtually three generations of all-star comedians trying to outdo each other.

I was laughing from start to finish not quite knowing what was going to happen next and had a whale of a time. It was also fun seeing youngsters like Richard Thomson dueling wits with both Phil Nichol and Lionel Blair. We do actually get to see the love story between Maria and Charles, the rivalry between brothers Charles and Joseph and the scandal mongers Lady Sneerwell, Snake, Sir Benjamin Backbite and Mrs Candour.

All I can say is for a rollicking good time get your tickets if you can, sit down and be prepared to be entertained by one of the best casts in the whole of Edinburgh, if not the World!


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