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ShowStopper The Improvised Musical - One4Review

4 stars

Take a small group of musicians, a master of ceremonies, a handful of skillfull and talented improvisers, liberally add audience suggestions of composers, styles, settings, title, mix well together and let ferment for about 70 minutes and what do you have?  The answer is obvious. A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining piece of late evening entertainment.

The idea is hardly new, it has been well used by many companies I have seen over the years, but with Showstopper! Is used well.

Audiences have got wise to the suggestion route so it is often the more obscure suggestions that are forthcoming in an effort to cause the actors problems, problems that the entire ensemble copes with admirably.

Okay the story loses direction at times, and okay maybe the styles are not the strictest version I have ever seen, but to complain about this would be churlish, and remember it’s different each night.

If you like Musical theatre, then this is for you, so let your hair down, grab a ticket, that is assuming there are still some available, and be prepared for the night of your life.


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