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Ian Stone - Where's the Down? - One4Review

Ian Stone was once told by a woman descending a hill that it was, “much easier coming down than going up”.  His retort to this slice of obviousness was suitably sarcastic but it did give him the idea for his show all about life’s uphill struggles and allows him to ask the question – when does it get easier?  Where’s the down?    As a bit of background to this review I should mention that it was my sixth show in a row, it was getting late and all I wanted to do was go home and get into my bed.  Stone’s show managed to battle against my mindset and completely lifted me out of my lethargic funk.  Stone owns the stage on which he performs and his delivery is assured.  Yet he is never overpowering and manages to take the audience on a journey through his political views and musings.  He often hits a topic, meanders with it for a while, then returns to the original subject to deliver a killer punchline.  He peppers the show throughout with remarks that relate back to his Jewish heritage, but these never distract from his material and always raise a laugh. Stone’s work is of a high quality.  He encourages us to think about what is happening in the world yet you never feel like you’re being preached to.  This is probably because Stone offers us no answers, merely the opportunity to laugh at life’s frustrations.  And we laugh hard. *****

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