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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Comedy Academy Graduate Show - One4Review

(Due to nature of show not given stars)

Although I am locally based I was unaware that this scheme even existed until recently and what’s more it’s the second year it has been running.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society organised the course which lasted 10 weeks in conjunction with Virgin Money, The Mike Wescott Memorial Fund and of course The Stand Comedy Club. Fifteen intrepid 22 to 27 year old local comics signed up for the process

This was a chance for the graduates to have a few minutes on the stage of the large Stand III space with a good sized audience to show off their prowess unfortunately not all could attend but those who did loved the chance and the audience were well impressed with most too.

Stand favourite and comedy legend Susan Morrison was the Headmistress of the Academy was compere on the night and the performers David Baxter, Struan Logan, Nehar Neya, Rory Telfer, Katia Kvinge, Pete Gwynne, Innis Smelling, Liam Tait, James McIntosh and Jamie Griffen where the students showcasing their stuff.

Each had their merit, some had a more general appeal than others, but I’m sure all will get work in the comedy clubs around the country. Scotland proves again what a well of talent is available to draw talent from.

The evening was finished off by the very funny Mary Burke who showed in her twenty minutes what these graduates should aspire to, and I’ve no doubt there certainly will be some who follow in her footsteps.

Ceratainly we at one4review will watch their progress with interest.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club III

20-00 to 21-00

20 August only

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