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Kerry Godliman – This Isn’t What I Was Expecting - One4Review

Imagine sitting in one of those fast food chain of restaurants and you order pancakes having seen mouth watering pictures of delicious versions of what you expect to be placed before you. The waiter puts in front of you two circular objects of unappetising goo. Look again at the title of the show. This is the Kerry Godliman way to complain to get results. A superb opening to what is a fast, funny and intelligent show. Expectations form her theme. She mocks, for example, how adverts and technology can raise our hopes beyond what is credible. In her own life the birth of her baby 18 months ago, what she expected to be a beautiful, totally fulfilling experience turned into a dash to hospital and not the idyllic scenario she had anticipated. Kerry Godliman is a new name to me but I am won over by her natural comic timing. She is so quick witted when dealing with the unexpected, but it is the sharpness of her scripted comedy that really impresses and keeps the laughter flowing. ****

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