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Craig Hill - 40 Love....? - One4Review

Craig Hill – 40 Love…?
You never quite know what is going to happen in one of Craig Hill’s shows but tonight Friday 14th August 2009 has to be the most surreal yet. Craig as usual turns his attention on his front row, fairly normal but for the empty chair. Not long in to the show and an altercation is heard from the balcony. When Craig asks if their is a problem a posh voice answers "yes, there’s a cow in the way" trying to defuse the situation Craig invites Josephine from Dumfries down to the front row and offers her a bag for her bitterness. The Gilded Balloon Night Club has one or two seats at the side of the stage used only when the show is sold out and as if it were a gift from God to Craig two of the most gorgeous young men sitting trembling. Jamie a mechanic and his pal Colin a judo teacher. Can Craig resist them? No! Don’t be silly he is back on the market after the break-up of his long-term relationship. Making the most of the situation invites Colin to show him some defence moves!!! During this show three very different people joined him on stage and he even had his bum groped by a woman! In between times we do get some of Craigs set show, but for me it is his audience interaction, I love best. Because of my adoration of Craig and his comedy I asked three ladies who had never seen him before to award him the stars and it was, 5, 4.5 and 5. As we don’t give half stars it is a big resounding Five.  Scotland’s very own comedy queen of camp scores a resounding straight set win without having to cry ‘new balls please!’ *****  

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