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Comedy 2008 Archives - Page 2 of 19 - One4Review

School of Comedy

August 8, 2008 |

I must admit I approached this show with a little trepidation. I am not the member of our team who does kids shows and given this was eight of them performing comedy I did not expect to have a … Read More

A L Kennedy : Present Tense 

August 8, 2008 |

Award winning author Alison Kennedy is an artiste I have seen quite a lot as she is a regular at the Festival City best comedy club, The Stand, so I have been watching her progress with interest. She has … Read More

 Dan Atkinson: The Credit Crunch and Other Buscuits

August 8, 2008 |

Before the entry of  Dan Atkinson to the arena there is a brief AV detailing his life from birth to date which roughly corresponds from the Thatcher era to date. Atkinson commences this the usual banter with the audience … Read More

Ian Stone – Where’s the Down?

August 8, 2008 |

Ian Stone was once told by a woman descending a hill that it was, “much easier coming down than going up”.  His retort to this slice of obviousness was suitably sarcastic but it did give him the idea for … Read More

Plested and Brown in Health and Stacey

August 8, 2008 |

Clare Plested and Adam Brown are the intrepid duo who have been delivering excellent comedy shows over a number of years and having discovered them a year or two ago there is no chance of any of our review … Read More

Steve Williams : Ultimate Worrier 

August 8, 2008 |

It’s been years since I had seen Steve Williams perform as it usually requires prizing the reviewing ticket out of Sheila grasp, and having won the battle this year, I can understand why she is so loathe to give … Read More

Arnold Brown Presents Happiness

August 8, 2008 |

Arnold Brown is a joy. No gimmicks, no frills and, indeed, no swearing but what he has is immense stage presence and style. His measured, relaxed pacing and the quality of his material hold the attention of the audience … Read More

Elizabeth and Raleigh: Late but Live

August 8, 2008 |

Miles Jupp and Simon Munnery have not long finished a tour of ‘Johnston and Boswell: Late but Live’ written by Stewart Lee. Lee’s latest creation sees Munnery and Jupp as ‘Elizabeth and Raleigh: Late but Live’. Along with Sir … Read More

Jim Bowen – Look What You Could Have Won 

August 8, 2008 |

Jim Bowen very definitely belongs to the ‘old-school’ stable of comedians so in a way it’s interesting to see him at the Fringe, competing for an audience against some of the shiny comedy newcomers.  Due to ‘Bullseye’s’ epic run … Read More