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The Grandees - One4Review

This is a delightful show. It is a tale of adventure and mystery in the style of C.S.Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien and with a touch of Stargate. The story is complex and convoluted but the whole ridiculous sequence of events hangs together beautifully.  Nicodemus, a loser in real life, learns from his Dutch Grandmother on her 100th birthday that in another dimension he is a Prince of the Cricks. He must return to that dimension to save Crickland from destruction by the evil Grandees by finding the magic key. Armed with a battered cassette recorder he arrives in Crickland. We follow his adventures as he meets a variety of characters, one of whom drew gasps of admiration particularly from the females in the audience. The action flows along at a rapid pace and includes several comedy dance routines which are a hoot. Confined into the cramped space of the Baby Belly venue, the three performers, – Marny Gedden, Greg Finnegan and Tom Turner – play their parts with enormous energy. Does Nicodemus succeed in his mission? Does he find love? It is worth taking in this show to find out. One tip, take a seat as near the front as you can in order to see all the action. ****  

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