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Dixie's Tupperware Party - One4Review

Dixie Longate, our Tupperware Party hostess from the American Deep South, is high on personality and stage presence but on the low side when it comes to political correctness. Her performance is outrageously bawdy and very funny. The stage is set up with a table of Tupperware products and she genuinely does the demonstrations, but in a way no actual hostess would dare to do. She does create a party atmosphere with plenty of good natured banter with the audience. There is a raffle and a game with prizes. Between the presentations, she does give her homespun philosophy on life in a deliciously hammy way. She has embraced Tupperware into her life with the fervour of a ‘born again Christian’. Brownie Wise, who was the originator of the concept of the Tupperware Party, is her idol and her praise for her achievements is gushing. Dixie’s show may not be sophisticated humour but it is enormous fun from start to finish.   ****

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