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Rosie Wilby – Further Science of Sex - One4Review


4 Stars

I first saw Rosie Wilby last year when she presented her show The Science of Sex and although I enjoyed it, I felt it was somewhat undersold. 12 months on, and ‘Dr’ Rosie is back with an updated version, and this time she certainly made the most of her subject.

Some things have changed since last year Rosie is no longer in a relationship and a little of the break up featured in the show, the illustrations were similar some of the text and features remained, but what was added was a whole host of laughs, mostly laugh out loud belly laughs . Rosie rocked it most of the time and I was so pleased to see this personable young lady realise at least some of her potential.

Sex being the subject, a fair amount of the material, some fact based, some with the undoubted Wilby spin, is one that will often tend to get laughs and with an occasional foray into the audience to get a personal perspective on things..

It would have been slightly understandable that nearing the end of the Fringe an energy level drop from both performer and audience may have been expected, but it was not evident in any respect.

I look forward to seeing Ms Wilby next year with her 2011 show and hope the progress I have seen this year continues. I’ve no doubt it will be.


Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Delhi Belly V 61

6 to 29 August

16-125 to 17-05

Fringe Brochure P 117

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