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Dominic Holland Stands Up - One4Review

Dominic Holland Stands Up
It could be said that Dominic Holland had an Ava Vidal 2005 moment! For those unacquainted with our site, Ava had young kids on the front row of her review show 2005. Dominic not only had a 14 year-old in the front row but one at 13 and 11 in two separate areas of the second. If that wasn’t bad enough all the parents had abandoned their kids in front and went to hide in the back row and when he asked how old he looked Dominic got 12 as a reply. How much this actually affected his set is hard to say as his four boys, wife and family maters were heavily featured. When the subject of intercourse and the sex education thing it was the oldest of the three that denied any knowledge but his dad gave verbal consent and the story continued.  I admit to being curious about the type of comedy we’d get from him and it was his TV persona that made me go. It was a humorous not hilarious show but well worth going to see. Could I have the adult version next time please? ****

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