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Susan Calman  -  The Last Woman On Earth - One4Review

Susan Calman – The Last Woman on Earth  Comedy
Here we go again another "Female Comedian" and yet another truly hilarious night, not only that but Scottish as well. Susan Calman is well known to both Geoff and me thanks to The Stand Comedy Club’s monthly all female nights at which she is a regular compere. Not having seen the Calminator’s full set before I was really looking forward to a treat and that is exactly what it was ‘fabulous’. The title of the show was taken directly from a heckle she received. Befitting of the venue, those of us in the audience are trapped in a bunker after Scotland has been destroyed by a nuclear weapon, if we open the door we are dead. Susan goes over the rules and we as the future of mankind vote to decide who we keep or eat, who is the token stud and for females fragile stickers. She had us almost literally eating out of her hands, but just how I ended up with a stud sticker I don’t know. Who better than to be locked away with at the end of the world than the Calminator you’ll either spend your days playing beetle or die laughing! *****  

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