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Rich Hall - One4Review

Over the years I have seen Rich Hall either in the passing or on TV, not having seen him live I thought it was about time but was twice in one day a mistake? Firstly in his self written play ‘Levelland’ then in his late evening stand-up.  The two shows are so different it wasn’t a problem at all.                        My initial thoughts were that Rich would be a typical obnoxious loudmouthed American complaining about everything! Oops that’s his complete show!  Actually if it was I wouldn’t have told you. Yes complaints are part of his show but only a small part.  His outlook on life may be very different from mine but that’s what makes it funny. We are also used to seeing overly polite Americans, need I say more. The 14 year old kid that was in the front row of Dominic Holland’s show not only managed to be on the front row of Rich’s not only that but he managed to wangle his way up on stage to tell a joke, well that was the idea. Yes, given the chance I’d go to see him again. ****

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