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The Early Edition - One4Review

This show is the ideal way to start your Fringe day – coffee or tea (admittedly tepid) and croissants in the company of Marcus Brigstocke, Andre Vincent and Friends. Their Friends for the day I saw the show, in fact their opening day, were Robin Ince and Ian Stone. After being fed and watered, the audience were treated to a fun session of banter, repartee and satire using that day’s issues of the newspapers as the springboard for the ensuing humour. Amazing to this Scot, put four Englishmen together and, although united in humour, they very quickly divided into class divisions, Brigstocke and Ince represented the middle class, the former making the correction of being upper, whilst Stone and Vincent represented the working class. All manner of topics were covered with great hilarity – belly laugh stuff – contradictory medical advice, sheep racing in Uist, Jeremy Clarkson, monks in China who can’t claim reincarnation without having the proper certificate and, almost inevitably, Princess Di. This is one of the must see shows during the Fringe. Also, watch out for a little cameo from Phil Jupitus. *****

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