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Carl Donnelly – Different Gravy - One4Review

4 Stars


Carl Donnelly is a talented and gifted comedian I have always thought. But I didn’t know he could also see into the future. But it appears that he can!

Donnelly has self written and publish his biography from the early days until his un timely death some years from now, and with a montage of photo’s to accompany him, he reads excerpts form this one off book to tell of this life past and also that still to come.

Now if this wasn’t someone of his creative ability this could have been a difficult show to watch, but hey this is Carl Donnelly so you are assured quality writing and a good performance throughout and he was upto the task.

The segments of this best seller covered his early life, peer pressure, becoming a man and his entry into the world of comedy. Of course the chapters of the future all will be well aware of !!

I really enjoyed this take on a different show, as did the punters on the night and it was informative. And if the future is as per the book then we can look forward to a regular dose of his humour for a few years yet too.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Upstairs

Until 26 August (not 13)

20-30 to 21-30

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