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Alfie Moore - I Predicted a Riot - One4Review

2 Stars


Until I watched ITV’s ‘Show Me the Funny’ last year I was unaware of Sgt. Alfie Moore, an actual serving police officer and comedian to boot.

I was impressed enough with what I saw on the box to want to see more of Moore, but I’m afraid I was less than impressed.

He does have some things going for him, he seems a genuine nice guy, a well turned out appearance and an obvious love and knowledge of his ‘other job.’ I felt what was lacking was top quality material and charisma.

The hour spent in his company felt at times more like a lecture than a comedy show and his rapport with the midweek crowd was hardly sparkling I’m afraid to say.

There was some of his set that did make me chuckle occasionally, but for me I don’t feel these was anything like the amount I have grown to expect from a comedian in the position he finds himself in. I feel maybe an hour for a month is slightly more than he is ready for currently.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beside

Until 27 August

21-50 to 22-50


  1. Dan

    It’s so weird that this is a 2 star review and that David Mitchell from Peep Show said it was by far his favourite show at the festival and he’d seen Alan Davies and Stewart Lee. I went on David Mitchell’s advice and loved the show.

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