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Domestic Goddi 2 : How to Cope - One4Review

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5 stars

I first saw the Domestic Goddi, otherwise known as Rosie Wilkinson & Helen O’Brien, when I saw their show last year and I have to admit they blew me away.  This year’s Goddi are Helen O’Brien and Genevieve Swallow and I was very keen to see if they could equal their performances with this year’s offering ‘How to Cope’.  However, I wondered if in comedy shows, as in films, the sequel is seldom as good as the original.  I certainly didn’t need to worry.  It was as good, if not better, than last year’s version.

For the entirety of their allotted time these outstandingly talented ladies entertained their packed out crowd with a selection of some of the funniest sketches you will see anywhere, over a vast range of subjects.

The pace of the show never falters and the speed of the changes between sketches is almost non-existent. I have no idea if the sketches are written by the Goddi themselves, I feel that if they’re not then they seem tailor-made, and Genevieve and Helen make the absolute most of the material. All are good, but I have to admit I had a favourite; the ‘Hot Gear’ sketch, an obvious skit on a certain motoring programme – but with shoes, was worth the admission money alone.

So if you are looking for an early afternoon hoot then this is definitely the show for you, and Goddi, can I pre-book my ticket for next years version now please?

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