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David Strassman - One4Review

Prior to the show, it occurred to me that I had never seen a live ventriloquist on stage before. Therefore, this was a first and a most enjoyable first at that.

David introduces the audience to a variety of almost believable characters. There is the anarchic and two timing Chuck Wood, the lovable but ambitious Ted E Bear, Angel the Android, Grandpa Fred, Kevin the alien and Sid the Beaver who is seeking to join the show. In each routine David shows a skilful sense of timing and accomplishment in bringing his characters to life. He also brings the audience into the fun and he knows the value of the running joke.

After introducing us to each of his characters, he plays of one character against one in a series of quick -fire repostes and here the underlying theme emerges – can the ventriloquist retain his sanity when his mind is split in so many ways?

His finale is dramatic and spell-binding. Without giving too much away, David exits the stage leaving the dummies in control still talking, moving and interacting with each other.

Just one piece of advice. David Strassman is very good adult entertainment and not for young children.


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