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I Need Your Love Andrew J Lederer  - One4Review

What happens to a ‘show’ doesn’t show for their booked slot, not once but for the entire run. I suppose most spaces would remain vacant for the hour. But then not every venue has a trooper like Andrew J Lederer. Already performing his own show Anthology, to save disappointment of any audience who were planning to see this Free Fringe show, he has taken on the hour and has been writing and developing his own production under the same title. Lederer is a chappy you cannot help but like. Based in New York but spending more than a little time in the UK he has just got the knack of being an engaging storyteller. I Need your Love is 40 minutes of this amiable American relating a portion of his life story, and although it was playing to only a handful of people he proceeded as if playing to a full house, talking from the heart and not making excuses for things said and done in this episode. Although he is a very funny individual, it is his use of words and language that I find appealing, almost addictive as his prose breathes life into the people in the story. No one knows who was supposed to be performing in this slot, the name Soumaya doesn’t give much of a clue even to the sex, but I’m sure they would have struggled to be a better ambassador for the Fringe or the Free Festival than Andrew J Lederer. I am not going to award this show stars, not because it is bad, which it wasn’t. Prior to the show Andrew was not keen on even have me review it, however do check it out. He deserves your support, and maybe you deserve to hear his story.  

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