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Alistair McGowan: The One and Many - One4Review

It is amazing to me how TV stars will pack out Fringe venues based on their name only. Often the live version is a little less good than the TV as there is no editing a live stage show. This is nothing that can be applied to Alistair McGowan. The man is as good, if not better, live than I have seen him on the box and the packed out Rainey Hall were certainly given a treat to see this master of his art out and about. McGowan has not attended the Fringe for 13 years he informs us from the start but his absence has not detracted from his ability as a stand–up and especially not as what must be the best impressionist around currently, Opening up with some Edinburgh based material, before too long he is off and launching into a whole series of very funny, and frighteningly accurate impressions. I tried to count how many he packed into his hour, I reckon in excess of fifty, yes fifty, and they were all oh so good you could almost feel their presence in the room. McGowan has also added a few poems into his repertoire; each well worthy of inclusion and just proves his versatility further. I imagine by now that his tickets are virtually all sold out, but do try and get to see this ultimate professional in the flesh.   *****

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