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Pippa Evans and Other Lonely People - One4Review

I have previously only ever seen this talented young lady as part of Reduced Edinburgh Impro Show or Newsrevue so I was keen to see how she would do on her own. Furnished with stick on name badges we were welcomed into the venue by Grayne our facilitator as we had enrolled in a therapy group for lonely people. This London based Aussie introduced several of the class to each other and instigated some ice breaking games and we were off. Granye was of course the first of the characters that Ms Evans introduced during the hour of her show however it certainly was not the last are the group were to be visited by four former members who were going to assist us in our quest for friendship. Each character is well written and totally different and each gives Pippa the chance to showcase her talents both acting and singing. This was a most enjoyable show, and one that deserves the good audience numbers it’s receiving. ****

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