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Laurence Clark: Inspired - One4Review


A show of this title, you could expect to leave feeling Inspired. I left thinking that Laurence Clark was funny. Which is exactly what he would want. The celebal palsy sufferer and dad of two, didn’t set himself as inspiring, and doesn’t see why people get all excited when he manages to dress himself, impregnate his wife, or make his toddler look like a dalek.

His show was inspired by a fan’s annoying tweet, but it comes full circle, with a neat twist, thanks to Clark’s meeting with his twitter follower. He reincorporates his key themes nicely, switching between live stand up and pre-recorded clips. He enjoys watching his live audience’s reactions as much as he did those of the poor folks he chased, offering stickers.

Basically, what Laurence Clark asks is just to be talked to. So much so that he had a big sign made. The video evidence of it’s success is both very damning of us, the British public, and thought provoking. What wouldn’t you do for free crisps?

Along with relaxed audience banter, a fun participation game of “inspiring, or not inspiring?”, and plenty of twists and turns, we ask ourselves what counts as inspiring, and why? Overall, an interesting look at human nature, packed with laughs.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

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