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Susan Calman – This Lady’s Not for Turning Either - One4Review

5 Star


Susan Calman is no stranger to me as I have watched per on stage many, many times and each time it is a pleasure. She has grown in comedy circles if not in physical height steadily and is now a regular on radio and has more than a few TV appearances under her belt too.

But she is certainly no diva. What she is though is a thoroughly entertaining, well prepared and very funny comic, and popular too, he venue staff were ‘complaining’ to me that she is always sold out so they have never had the chance to see this years show.

The lights dim and on she comes welcoming everyone as if she is the compere and telling a few stories to warm things up and then disappears briefly to introduce herself , the ‘official start’

But to the show, Susan and he long time partner have recently gone through a civil partnership ceremony, currently the nearest to marriage that same sex couple can attain and the largest part of her hour was spent describing this in terms that only ‘The Calmanator’ can get away with.

It is a funny and touching hour, one that should certainly move anyone. I feel it’s her best Edinburgh show by far, and you should really make the effort to see this top comic doing what she does best.

Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly The Dairy Room

Until 27 August

18-00 to 19-00


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