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Felicity Ward- The Hedgehog Dilemma - One4Review

4 Star


Yet another Aussie comic on the Fringe? Hell yeah, but who cares where they come from as long as they are funny right? And Ms Ward is certainly that. And then some!!

The title intrigued me as did the poster but this was soon answered by our comic in the first few minutes, as was the question why she opened the show in a wedding dress!!

Heading back on the occasionally illustrated story of her unconventional life and living arrangements Felicity powers through a hectic, energetic and extremely funny set for the full hour without the pace dropping or the quality of the content either.

She is very often the butt of her own stories, but she is laughing at events, even the sad bits, and there are some that drew aahhhs from the audience not being needy in anyway.

This was the first occasion nearly all of her sell out crowd had seen her before, but I’m willing to bet all will be back such was the impression she made. She is one hell of a bonza comic

Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly The Dairy Room

Until 27 August

22-00 to 23-00

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