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Max and Ivan are Holmes and Watson - One4Review

5 Stars


Max and Ivan play not only Holmes and Watson but also many other characters, both male and female, in a rapid fire sequence of scenes. Their blend of surreal dialogue and intense physical action is totally funny and indeed mesmerising. Their timing is immaculate given the complexity of the story they are telling. Despite this complexity, there is a coherent structure maintained from start to finish. The only simple feature in their performance is the use of a chair as the only prop, but it does have a crucial part to play in the action

Set in the 1920’’s, Watson has been kidnapped by the Chicago underworld headed by Al Capone who has teamed up with a reincarnated Moriarty in an attempt to lure Holmes to come and rescue his long term associate in order for him to be eliminated. As the story unfolds, we meet up with the ‘Octagon’, a comic book type character and a ‘man of a thousand faces’. Also, Holmes falls in love with a gangster’s moll.

Somehow the origins of the Charleston dance are ludicrously revealed and the synchronised dance routine is a particular highlight.

In the final few scenes the action builds and builds. Against all the odds will good triumph over evil? It wouldn’t be correct for me to reveal the outcome other than to say at the conclusion; a packed audience had obviously enjoyed this Holmes and Watson adventure.

Reviewed by Ben

Pleasance Courtyard: Cellar: 33

3 to 29 August 2011 (not 16)

15.30 – 16.30

Fringe Programme Page Number: 116

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