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Deborah Frances-White: Cult Following - One4Review

3 Star


It ‘s been a couple of years since Ms Frances-White has graced the Fringe so I was interested to see that she was not doing one show but two!! Talk about making up for lost time.

In essence this show, Cult Following, is about her early life as a Jehovah’s Witness back in Australia and is told partly in flashback, partly in AV but mostly in present time by this very erudite comedian.

I have to say I was unaware of the show subject, I just went to see her on past form, but I did learn an awful lot about the dos and mostly don’ts of this religion and find it almost impossible to understand in this day and age that anyone can be ‘brainwashed’ into joining.

Deborah is an engaging comic, I guess the manner she can deal with this situation is to be totally honest, but I have seen her funnier. Okay maybe it’s the subject matter that isn’t conducive to comedy, but educational it certainly is.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Roxy Studio 2

2-26 August (not 13)

16-16 to 17-15

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