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Reginald D Hunter – F**k you in the age of Consequence - One4Review

I t’s amazing what a few years can make in the world of Comedy. It was on his first visit to the festival that both Sheila and I were being asked to review him almost daily. Now Reggie is a really hot ticket and the man certainly deserves the following he has built up. Hunter now resident in the UK, originates from the Deep South of America, and at times his accent is quite strong, making one listen very hard, but do so for the guy has the amazing quality of being very funny while getting across the message. Never shy of the decisions he makes in the titles of his previous shows Reggie talks of the consequences he has suffered as a result of them, the consequences of religion, sexual consequences and the resulting problems that occurred due to his film preferences. Hunter has the amazing gift of crossing all divides, sex, race religion, ages and like a segment of his show about using your tools, he is obviously using his as a comedy genius. ***** The Stand Comedy Club Sunday 25th November 2007

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