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The Company of Wolves - One4Review


I’m not entirely decided what I think of this show. It was very good – four actors re-telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, with a very different outcome. Those actors were excellent, and convincing in the multiple roles some of them played. The live music is lovely, played and sung really well, taking the place of a narrator in filling in some of the gaps. If you want to get really close to the action, you can sit on the picnic blankets on the floor/stage (and sometimes that wolf might be right behind you). It’s all very simple, and very effective.

What I’m not so sure about is the story itself. It’s recognisable as Riding Hood with a twist, and the plot is entirely clear. But I think there was also some message somewhere, which I’ve yet to work out. I suspect it was something to do with your heart’s desire – which was also the subject for the short pre-show arts and crafts session, which was definitely fun.

All in all, a lovely contemplative evening.

Reviewed by Laura


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