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Paul McCaffrey: Pills, Thrills and Belly Laughs - One4Review

3 Star


Paul McCaffrey was a comedian who crossed my radar last year when I was recommended to see him by those in the know.

I took their advice and thoroughly enjoyed his show so looked forward to see how he had progressed in the ensuing 12 months.

Now I know I went on a Saturday night, the room was full and a large proportion of these were drunk and certainly this did not help the flow and continuity of his performance, but I didn’t feel that he was as sharp as last year.

The material although well written and delivered as well as he was allowed to, for me, although funny at times, was a little short of the high standard he set last year. Okay maybe because I have never been to a music festival I missed a lot of the nuisances, but I did feel that it was less than groundbreaking.

Now by no means is this a poor show, given a different crowd I may have enjoyed it more or just maybe I expected too much. I do however look forward to seeing next years offering.

Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly The Wee Coo

21-20 to 22-20

Until 26th August

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