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Thom Tuck Goes Straight-to-DVD - One4Review


You might have seen this show last year. If you didn’t you now have no excuse because it’s on for free (though you can make a donation at the end). And just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s no good: this show (almost) won this man awards last year. He really, really deserves them.

Thom Tuck is very intelligent, very clever with his words, and very, very funny. His delivery is fluent, but never sounds rehearsed. His mastery of the fullest possible range of tone and expression is impressive: he told a fairy tale to a roomful of drunk people, and we sat silent and mesmerised. He talked about various little-known Disney films, and had us in stitches. And he used the word ‘topiary’ without fear or irony (he has an enormous vocabulary too).

I really liked his outfit, and he has impeccable stage presence (though technically, he spent most of the show off it). Tellingly, the tech man (who has probably seen the show a few times) was sniggering most of the way through too.

Reviewed by Laura

PBH’s Free Fringe @ Cabaret Voltaire

until 25 Aug, 22:05

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