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Mike Wozniak: Clown Shoes - One4Review

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3 stars

Was it nearly a year ago that I saw Mike Wozniak win The Amused Moose Comedy Starlet award at the Bongo Club?

Mr Wozniak has certainly gone from strength to strength and is now doing his own one hour show entitled Clown shoes in the Pleasance Courtyard, and playing to pretty full houses also,

I went along with the throngs to see what this up and coming talent had to offer, and how clown shoes fitted into the show.

Wozniak was un usual in that he spurned the use of the microphone throughout his gig, not that hearing him was a problem, he projected well to all parts of the room and his set was packed with material, some way to surreal for me, other parts much more to my taste.

The lack of mike allowed him to roam the gig, a freedom he took advantage of on numerous occasions, whilst delivering his set based on his father’s passion a (Amateur) Science Roadshow and the parts played by cousin NIik, Mike himself and of course his father.

Wozniak has the show nicely constructed even if at times he is king of the absurd, and there is plenty of variation. I’m sure he will do well in his career, however I don’t think I’d rush back to buy a ticket.


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