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Paradox : Set Phasers to Pun! - One4Review

This show is silly, very silly, but it is also very funny. In a homage, or is that mickey take, of Star Trek and even a touch of Dr Who for good measure, this intrepid band of space travelers use their wiles to deliver pun after pun, all set on their spaceship Nebula. Every cliché is exploited to the full by the cast of thousands; well teens anyway, all try to save the Universe from the dreaded Wibbles, who are attempting to turn everything wool. Two Shades of Blue are past and present members of Oxford and Cambridge Light Entertainment Societies who are out to enjoy themselves and also want the audience to enjoy themselves with non pretentious theatre, and in this project, for me anyway, they have certainly achieved their aim. They do not strive to achieve perfection, parts of the funniest bit are when things do go wrong, and they often do, but what the heck, the whole show is tongue in cheek anyway so who cares. So if you are looking for a bit of lighted hearted comedy, you could do far worse than to see this production. ***

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