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Mark Little :- THEbullsh*tARTIST - One4Review

2 Stars


I have to say I was unsure of what to expect going to see Mark Little after a number of years of not seeing him. Little was one of the first alternative comedians in his native Australia, so he is well versed in what to do, he was the last time I saw him rather ranty and belligerent in his style. I do recall his aversion to still being best known over here for his brief stint as Joe Mangell in Neighbours.

On entering the space, with a small tent on stage, why?, along with a relatively small audience I was expecting more of the same. But it really didn’t happen.

I don’t know what Little was trying to do with this show and I hesitate to wonder if he did either. It lacked any structure, was limited in funny content, okay yeah there were some laughs but certainly no where near enough for someone of his standing.

I know the numbers where down, the Olympic closing ceremony could have contributed to that or maybe the word is out, who knows? I certainly feel his heart was not totally in it, he went through the motions too much for me.

Assembly George Square One

Until 27 August

22-20 to 23-20

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