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Mackenzie Taylor:- Joy - One4Review



Having already seen Mackenzie’s ‘other’ show, No Straightjacket Required’ I with many more returned to the same venue a couple of hours later to witness ‘Part Two’  a more stand-up show but picks up where the other one left off.

Taylor is talking about what gives him joy and the way others find their own kind of things to obtain it. He itemises a few of his favourites and seeks audience input, but the underlying message seems to be that even in the darkest moment, there is always something good that can be drawn from it.

Taylor is an easy guy to listen to. Obviously well educated and articulate, the material he has follows from him and a lot of what he says makes total sense, even if not immediately obviously.

Be prepared to get involved in the show, it’s not painful, and certainly the audience I was part of had no problems in what they were asked to do. But do listen. He has been through a lot in recent times, and if he can come through it all still feeling Joy, then there is hope for everyone.


Reviewed by Geoff

C SoCo V 348

4 to 30 August

16-25 to 17-20

Fringe Brochure P 91

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