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Barry Cryer – The Elephant in the Pub  - One4Review

Is it me or has Barry Cryer had a portrait in the attic for the past 20 years or so he just has not (visually) changed at all, well perhaps that is not entirely true. As with a good whisky he looks the same but is constantly improving/maturing with age. This Fringe he is where he belongs enthroned centre stage with many of his adoring subjects fighting for tickets to listen to his words of wisdom. Mr Cryer may be over 70 but he still handles his audiences better than many a renounced comedian of this day and age, this old dog could certainly teach the young pups a thing or two. The material he uses, is not all entirely his own but he has a wealth of material which has been passed on to him by many an old school performer who is no longer with us. He still gives credit where due. I adore this man and his talent I even have one of his books beside my bed to dip in and out of when I need a laugh. The show was not long enough I am sure someone put all the clocks forward 50 minutes. I hope to look forward to enjoying his talents for many years to come. ****

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