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Tom Stade - One4Review

Tom Stade’s performance is centred on sharply observed satire. His humour is drawn from news stories and customs from areas all over the world including Africa, Australia and Canada, his country of origin. He is not afraid to challenge the audience and run with topics such as incest, drugs and religious inconsistencies – Jesus must have pissed off some people doing all these miracles. His own marriage and family life also come under scrutiny. What gave the night I saw the show a certain edge were the hecklers Dave and Dave who, sitting centre front row, were, boringly, in his face for most of the time, but he rose to the challenge with his well received put downs. In addition there was the pushy female who was determined to have a repeat of part of last year’s routine. He eventually obliged but, it seemed, she failed to grasp the subtlety of the joke he told. Tom Stade is biting, irreverent and, as he hits the moment in his timing, belly laugh funny. ****

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