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Jack Whitehall - Nearly Rebellious - One4Review

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4 stars

The questions that many may ask, can Jack Whitehall, now something of a TV celebrity at the tender age 21, do the business as a stand up comedian? Can he do an hour of sustained humour in front of a packed house? The answers are emphatically yes. Working live gives him the chance to be more expansive and his talent does shine through.

From the off he has an air of confidence and spontaneity as he interacts with members of the audience. Rebellion is his theme and the British are just not good at it. Weighed down by recent events, the most the British might do is to organise docile marches. Being young, he feels being rebellious is a part of growing up but that is just not in his psyche. For example, his parents are just too compatible and supportive.

His material is funny and the timing natural. He cleverly paces his show. Intense and physical rants when torrents of words pour out are balanced by a calm, subtle approach. In his final segment his dad becomes the main topic. He thought that rebelling at his dad’s definitely non politically correct approach to life and politics should be the stand he should make until he realised his dad might just be the biggest rebel he knows.

Jack Whitehall’s career development will be interesting to follow. He has many attributes to continue on to further success.


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