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Russell Howard - Skylarking - One4Review

Russell_HowardRussell Howard first came to our attention during the Pleasance Press Launch in 2004, we then saw him at The Stand Comedy Club. On the strength of these two snippets I went to see his full show ‘Skylarking’.

Both Russell and I thought skylarking meant fooling around, being a little crazy but it has an all too sinister meaning in America. Russell goes on to apologise for the lack of this spectacle and proceeds with his show. It turns out he is intimidated or scared of most things in life from little kids, through rucksacks, from his shadow, to little fluffy animals. He also has a wicked side for example who would try and make his little brother giggle at the family pets funeral? Russell!!

He interacts with his audience a little, but not in an intimidating manner. I find him really cute, extremely funny and oh so talented, but get the feeling he’d run away screaming if I went to say hello!

Not quite the belly laughs type of comedy, but very, very funny and I want to go back and see him again and again.


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