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Patrick Monahan – The Disco Years 5***** - One4Review

Patrick Monahan – The Disco Years  5*****

| On 23, Aug 2015

Patrick Monahan starts off stage checking, by way of cheering ,the decades his audience were born in. We’re a mixed crowd. He explains he was born in the 70s, decade of D.I.S.C.O-oh-oh! But first he’s got us up on our feet dancing, while he bounces around the room, saying hellos, dancing with everyone and generally making for a great atmosphere.

He talks about dancing using up calories, and has a couple of audience members demonstrate moshing, before talking more about his childhood in late 70s Iran, then moving to Middlesborough.

He whizzes through other topics, from religious family members and the token atheist, to multiple wives, to fitted wardrobes. He finds out about a few couples in the audience, fortuitously giving him an excuse to get one pair on stage for his dancing finale, recreating a 1970s Iranian disco.

From out of nowhere, Pat, well known as a comedian with a heart of gold, talks about mums – like his, way back when – struggling to get their children out of war-zones to a safer home. It’s not laboured, but it makes you think, even while you grin from ear to ear at all the fun you’ve just had.

Reviewed by Gill

Gilded Balloon, 20:15, 1 hr until 30th Aug

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